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      What You Need to Know About Custom Signs
    If you are ready to dazzle your clients with a custom made sign, consider asking some questions before ordering it from any one particular sign making business:
    1. What are the types of signs?
    Not every sign making business will have capabilities and desire to make exactly what you want, so ask upfront. You could ask to see the types of signs that can be made and make sure something fits your expectations. Don’t just settle. By asking questions you can find something you haven’t seen before or get a better deal that you though you will.
    2. Do you have on-site designers?
    Many business owners have great ideas, but not all have the skillset for an actual design on file. Most custom sign makers have graphic designers on board to help people with such task. Ask what is included and how much would it cost to have your sign designed. If it is too expensive, shop around and compare prices.
    3. What programs and files does the business work with?
    If you already have your sign designed, make sure the business can use your design program and saved files. Otherwise the transition might be complicated and result in the loss of quality. The most popular programs are Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign, but some companies also work with QuarkXPress and CorelDRAW12. The best way to provide files is usually as vector files, like CDR, AI, and EPS. JPG, TIF, and PDF tend to lessen the quality.
    4. Will there be a proof?
    Having a final proof is awesome for checking for mistakes and quality issues before the final product is made. You have to be certain you are happy with the product before commissioning the sign. No corrections will be made at a later time, so don’t skip this step. Make sure you know if digital or hard-copy proof will be provided. Keep in mind that hard-copy is usually more expensive.
    5. The cost
    Make sure the estimate given to you at the beginning of your collaboration includes all the costs of planning, proof, changes, adjustments, and any design work that would be provided. This will help you protect against hidden fees and unexpected additions to the final price.
    6. How long will it take?
    The importance of this question depends on your needs and expectations. You might be under a tight schedule or not really care when the sign will be made. In any case, there should be a mutual agreement reached about the expected time frame. If you do need the sign quickly, find out how much will the speeding up cost.
    7. Is it easy to install the sign?
    The installation of the sign at your business is one of the final steps, but it is not always easy. Your sign maker should be able to advise you about the complexities of installing it and offer help if it proves to be a complicated process. Always inquire about the price of such service.
    8. Sign care
    Finally, you need to know how to take a good care of your sign to make it last for many years. After all, you want to make it your money’s worth by protecting your investment. Inquire about cleaning methods and solutions to make sure you don’t ruin your new business face.